Ignoring that NX is better, how do I set up XMing for remote access?

The ssh access available on lab machines can forward X connections for running GUI applications remotely. X-forwarding is handled natively under Linux and MacOSX, but Windows users must install a 3rd party program in order to use it. One such program is XMing. We think NX/NoMachine is the best option, but

Using XMing is relatively easy.

  • Download and install a copy of XMing from their website
  • Start XMing Launch
  • When asked to choose a session type, select ‘Start a program’
  • Type the hostname of a lab machine (such as lab2-28.eng.utah.edu) into the “Connect to computer” field, enter your CADE username and password
  • Save the configuration for later use
  • Connect

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