What is a ThinApp?

VMware ThinApp is an application virtualization solution.  A ThinApp is an application that has been packaged into a self-contained windows executable file which can be run from any Windows computer without the need to install the application on that computer.  This means the ThinApp can be run from virtually any filesystem, whether it is a local hard drive, a network share, or a USB flash drive and no installation is required.

There are a few limitations.  First, not all software is able to be packaged into a ThinApp for various reasons.  Second, any software that utilizes a network license will still require access to our license server either through our local network or via Campus VPN connection.  Third, there are sometimes compatibility issues with a ThinApp and a particular version of Windows, so, for example, while a certain ThinApp may run fine on Windows 7 it may have problems running on Windows 10, or vice versa.

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