Welcome to CADE and the PCE IT Support Group

++ NEW NOTICE ++ July 15, 2024: An 8-hour electrical shutdown is scheduled for Tuesday, 7/23/24 beginning at 6:00AM.

What is CADE?

Computer Aided Design and Engineering, a name that’s been with us from ages ago when technology had a very different meaning and ‘IT Support’ didn’t exist yet.

CADE offers multiple Student Computing Labs for the College and supports all Students, Faculty and Staff in it from an Information Technology standpoint. It makes licensed software available for classes and research, enables networking and file sharing for departments and research groups, provides printing, e-mail, websites and various server-side functions, as well as an evolving array of technologies to facilitate learning and educating.

If you don’t find an answer to you question or issue here on the site, please e-mail support@coe.utah.edu or see our list of contacts.

The student computing labs with UCard readers (CADE-WEB 224-226; Engman-WEB 208 & 210; MGK Mac Lab-WEB 224; CS Undergrad Lab-WEB 130) are available for use 24 hrs/day, 365 days/yr, barring any unscheduled outages or planned downtimes. If you need building access, please contact your department front office for assistance.