Lab Policy – Gaming

The following policies regarding gaming in the labs apply to all users. Failure to abide by these policies will result in the loss of your account and access to the labs.

  • Gaming is only allowed in the CS Undergrad Lab (WEB 130).

  • Students are not allowed to install any games on the lab computers. New games will only be installed by request, at the discretion of the lab managers and only if the game is used by a class or by a student gaming group on campus. We reserve the right to deny any requests for new games.

  • Students are not allowed to share accounts. Do not log other users in to computers with your account. Every user must have their own account.

  • No gaming is allowed between 9am and 5pm Monday through Friday or any other time when the lab is busy. Outside those times you may play games only if you are not disturbing other users.

  • No food or drink is allowed in the labs. Absolutely no pizza parties. A water bottle with a screw on lid is allowed if it is kept away from any computer hardware. Clean up after yourself if you happen to spill.

  • Noise levels when gaming must be kept to a minimum. Only headphones are allowed, no speakers should be used. No yelling or other loud behavior will be tolerated.

  • Any time gaming interferes with normal student coursework or studying, whether due to noise levels or due to the lab being too crowded, then gaming should cease immediately.

  • Access to StarCraft II and League of Legends is restricted and is only granted upon request by email to