CADE User Policy

The following policy applies to all CADE lab facilities including:
CADE Lab – WEB L224
CS Undergrad Lab – WEB L130
Engman Lab – WEB L210
Engman Teaching Lab – WEB L208
MGK Mac Lab – WEB L124

1. No food or drink in the lab, with the exception of a water bottle with a lid.

2. Do NOT share accounts. Each user must have and use their own account.

3. Do NOT unplug the mouse, keyboard, or monitor from the lab computer.

4. Do NOT turn off or reboot any of the computers.

5. Do NOT open the printers. If you need scratch paper, please take from the recycle bin or the area around the printers.

6. Please LOG OUT properly. Computers that are locked for more than one (1) hour will result in the account being disabled.

7. Please throw away all garbage and clean up your area before you leave. Please keep the lab clean for other users.

8. Gaming is ONLY allowed in the CS Undergrad Lab (WEB L130). Refer to our Gaming Policy for complete gaming regulations.

9. Linux machines have a HARD limit of 500 processes per user, and a time restriction of 8 hours for any one process (including child processes). Please do not push the limits and hog resources from other users.

10. The CADE IT staff members are not TA’s, and are not allowed to help with homework. Please consult your professor, course website, or TA queue to find your TA’s.

Users found in violation of the above policies will have their account temporarily disabled. Repeated violations will result in account deletion. Please respect other users.

– CADE Lab Operators