CADE User Policy

The following applies to all users of the CADE lab facilities (CADE- WEB 224; Engman- WEB 210; Engman Teaching Lab- WEB 208; SD Mac Lab- WEB 124; CS Undergrad Lab- WEB 130; CS Teaching Lab- MEB 3225)
We reserve the right to freeze the account of anyone found to be in violation of these policies.

1. No food or drink may be consumed in the lab. Closed water bottles are permitted but must not be kept on the desks.

2. Please do not take paper out of the printers. If you need scrap paper you are more than welcome to take it from the recycle bins.

3. DO NOT turn off any of the machines. If for some reason you think the machine needs to be rebooted come and find a memeber of staff. Rebooting or turning off a machine may disrupt those connected remotely or long-running processes.

4. Any machine that has been left locked for more than 1 hour will be checked for running processes. If none are found then the user will be logged out and a warning will be sent. If you have a process running but have to leave for class and intend on returning then please leave a note on the computer and let one of the operators know.

If after the second warning we find any user keeping machines tied up for no reason we reserve the right to freeze that users account.

5. Please log out of machines properly. After selecting logout from the menu a dialog box may appear. You must click “Log Out” and OK to be fully logged out.

6. The CADE staff are not TA’s and we are not allowed to help you with your homework. If you need to find your TA, please consult your course website or the TA Queue.

7. If you need to run a resource heavy process for a long time then we ask that you use our computational server. This can be accessed by remotely logging in the same way you would into a lab machine.

Please remember to respect other users and help to keep the labs tidy and running smoothly.

-CADE Lab Operators