FAQ – Quotas

Quota Questions

What is my disk quota?


Your quota refers to how much storage you have on our servers. This includes anything saved while working in the CADE Lab, the SD Mac Lab or any of the Windows labs.  The quota applies to anything within /home (ie, /home/username, as well as course directories, websites, SVN, etc.).  Most machines have a ‘scratch disk’, or free space, that does NOT apply towards your quota.  On the Linux machines, use /var/tmp use /scratch/tmp (be sure to create a folder for yourself, to help you find your files later).


What is my print quota in the labs?

The current printing quota for each user is 400 pages per semester in CADE, SD Mac, CS Undergrad and Engman/Teach Labs.  This will show as $40 in the PaperCut quota system (ie, $0.10/pg).  Quotas are reset at the start of each semester (actually, 01/05, 05/11 and 08/19). There is no charge for printing, however, when your 400 pages have been used up we will NOT add extra pages. You do, however, have the ability to use against the next semesters quota, an overdraft, of up to $10 (100 pgs), leaving you with a minimum of 300 pages the following semester.  There is no roll-over (we’re not T-Mobile), so the max per semester is $40/400 pgs.

You can check your quota in the following ways:

– In CADE, run the command lpquota in the terminal window. A java window opens, so if connecting remotely, be sure to use ‘ssh -Y’.

– In Engman got to Start > All Programs > Check My print Quota

– In the SD Mac Lab, open /Applications/PCClient.app

– From anywhere, open a web browser to https://winlic-b.eng.utah.edu:9192/user and login with your Windows lab credentials.


How can I fix/get below my quota?

If you receive an e-mail telling you that you are over your quota or are having problems running software and get out-of-disk-space errors, you will need to delete some files from your home directory. To do this you will need to log into a machine in the CADE Lab via a virtual terminal. To do this hold down ctrl+alt and hit f4 at the login screen. You will then be dropped into a virtual terminal where you can log in with your regular name and password.

You can try and log in using the normal graphical, however this will be a very slow process.

Once you have logged in run the following command:

du -ka | sort -n

This will list all of the files you have within your home by size (in ascending order). You can deleted any files or directories that you no longer need:

rm filename to remove files

rm -rf directoryname to remove for directories – be aware- all files and subdirectories also removed.

Once you have deleted all the files you no longer need run the quota command:


If you are still over you will need to delete more files. If this is not possible, please come to the Help Desk and we can discuss your situation.

If after deleting your files you find that the results of the sort command and the quota command are different (ie: the sort command says that you are under quota within your home but quota still says it is over) then it is possible that you have files elsewhere under /home.

This can happen if you have been part of any groups or teams that requires you to place files outside of your own home directory but within /home. If this happens please come to the Help Desk and we will be happy to run a search for you to locate the offending files.


May I get an increase to my disk quota?

Quota’s are set equally for all users based on what space we have available on our servers and what seems generally appropriate.  However, we will review increase requests on a case by case basis. Please come to the CADE Network Operators office (middle office, wEB 224b) and we will be happy to discuss your needs.  We will assume you’ve tried removing what you can, as explained here.

Keep in mind that all Linux machines in CADE have a nfs mounted 5TB scratch space. Use to your liking. Please understand we DON’T BACK UP /scratch/tmp Please make yourself a directory within /scratch/tmp


Can I get pages added to my print quota?

Not very likely.  Your student fees help cover the cost of printing, including, but not limited to paper, toner, the printers themselves and the wear & tear on the rollers.  In this day and age, you should consider why you need to print more than that and find alternative ways of handling your documents, beside paper.

For general info on your print quota, see this FAQ.


What’s the command to check my disk quota?

Running ‘quota’ in a Terminal/command window in CADE will show you your usage and limit.

If you’d like to see whats taking up all that room, run ‘du -kx ~ | sort -n’.