Connecting to CoE via the Campus VPN

For remote access to any CADE/CoE IT services or systems, you need to use the Campus VPN (Virtual Private Network) with a registered uNID.

NOTE: If you are not associated with the College of Engineering, this is NOT FOR YOU.

1. To register your uNID, send an e-mail to and describe your need for Campus VPN access as a ‘student’, ‘staff’ or for ‘researcher/professor’, and provide your name and UNID.

2. While the WebVPN is available, most services/software require and we recommend you install the Cisco AnyConnect client, available from our Downloads page, OSL or via the WebVPN after sign-in.

3. After you receive a response that your UNID has been added, you must set the connection server as ‘’ and the Username format:

Use your CIS password when connecting.

You will also need the Duo App on your smartphone as campus requires 2 Factor Authentication for VPN service. The Duo App will generate a code for you, which will essentially be a 2nd password, to complete your login to the VPN.

Further information and instructions for support can be found at

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