Downtimes for PCE Services

Currently scheduled downtimes:

An 8-hour electrical shutdown is scheduled for next Tuesday, 7/23/24 beginning at 6:00AM.

Warnock Engineering Building-Lower Level (bldg. 0063) and Merrill Engineering Building (bldg. 0064) will experience a full 8-hour shutdown for preventative maintenance of electrical systems according to Facilities Management.

Please plan to back up data and/or pause research to avoid loss during the shutdown as all our student computing labs will be down for the duration of the outage. Many other services we provide will also be taken offline.

If you have concerns about any specific service or function, inquire.

For those working in Warnock and Merrill, it is encouraged that those who can work from an alternate location on Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024. Comfort cooling will not be available during the outage and only emergency lighting will be available in the buildings. 



In the event of an unscheduled downtime, we make every effort to inform as many of our users as possible.  To ensure you’re notified, please subscribe to our CADE-News e-mail list and check back here (if possible).

The student computing labs with UCard readers (CADE-WEB L224/L226; Engman-WEB L208 & L210; MGK Mac Lab-WEB L124; CS Undergrad Lab-WEB L130) are otherwise <see above!!> available for use 24 hrs/day, 365 days/yr. If you need building access, please contact your department front office for assistance.