COE IT Support Contacts

To request assistance or report issues, please e-mail CoE IT support, or

CADE Lab Operators (Phone: 1.801.581.7551)
– Zane Zakraisek (WEB L224A)
– Zach Paige (WEB L224A)

CADE Lab Management
– Stewart Brock (WEB L224B): 1.801.581.7551
– Mark Ogden (WEB L224C): 1.801.581.8713 (Specifically if you need to talk to Mark Ogden)

Engman Lab/Windows Operators: (WEB L210) 1.801.581.6320
Use this number if you need help with your Windows account or machines.
– John Pickering (WEB L210B)
– Matthew Mendez (WEB L210A)

Chemical Engineering IT Support (MEB 3290)
Phone: 1.801.585.7170
– Brian Gregorcy (MEB 3290)

All other departments, use the Opers above, or:
– Jason Smith (MEK 2558):  1.801.585.5605
– Matt Wright (MEK 2558): 1.801.810.6447
– Doug Ressler (WEB L108):  1.801.585.5358  mobile: 1.801.230.0201
– Steven Dean (WEB L210C):  1.801.581.6653

And, we still maintain a FAX machine: 1.801.581.1070

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Please note that we do not give out passwords over the phone.

The student computing labs with UCard readers (CADE-WEB 224-226; Engman-WEB 208 & 210; SD Mac Lab-WEB 124; CS Undergrad Lab-WEB 130) are available for use 24 hrs/day, 365 days/yr, barring any unscheduled outages or planned downtimes.

If you need building access, please contact your department front office for assistance.