FAQ – Email

Email Questions

Which username/password should i use for [insert service name]?

We have {finally} evolved to where each user has ONE username and ONE password for all PCE/CADE machines and services. We may refer to your CADE or PCE username and password. This is separate from your CIS/uNID and it’s password, but we may ask you to use those for authentication, such as when creating your account or changing your password.

Accounts created prior to ~May of 2017, CADE/PCE username is some combination of letters from your names (First, Middle(s), & Last) and generated by an algorithm. For all newer accounts, the username is your uNID (formatted as a lower-case ‘u’ and 7 digits). Once created, we don’t change them except in rare circumstances.

Your CADE/PCE account is used for:
• logging in to any Linux, macOS, or Windows computer on our Domain (USERS\ or users.coe.utah.edu), including lab machines, Terminal Servers, VDI hosts, or other Virtual Machines.
• connecting/mounting a Network File Share with CIFS/SMB.
• WebPrint and any PaperCut printing services.
• mounting a Network File Share with NFS.

Note: Your CADE/PCE username and passwords are 100% separate and in addition to your CIS or other campus logins and accounts. Some departments may have labs or computers that require specific logins.


What e-mail servers does CADE provide?

CADE offers the following severs for accessing email:




SMTP (outgoing mail):
mail.eng.utah.edu (for on-campus use ONLY)

It is highly recommended to use these servers with the secure (ssl) option in your email client.

We used to ofter a Sympa Listserve, for creating and maintaining mailing lists, but now direct you to the Campus Sympa for such purposes.  See their site for more information and details on requesting a list: https://uofu.service-now.com/cf/kb_view.do?sysparm_article=KB0000547 or https://www.lists.utah.edu/


What is the process for unsubscribing from a Sympa mailing list?

To unsubscribe from a list, do as follows:
1. From the address with which you subscribed to the list, send a message to sympa@list.eng.utah.edu.
2. In the subject line of your email, type in: unsubscribe nameofthelist (replace ‘nameofthelist‘ by the name of the list you want to unsubscribe from).
3. Leave the message body blank. To save some time, you can also send several commands in a single message. To do that, follow the instructions available in the ‘How the mailing list service works’ section.

You can also unsubscribe through the mailing list web interface (you will need to repeat the operation for each list you want to unsubscribe from):
1. Go to the list environment homepage and log on with your e-mail address as the username.
2. Go to the information page of the list you want to unsubscribe from.
3. In the left menu, click on the ‘Unsubscribe’ link.

Further list information is available at https://sympa.eng.utah.edu/sympa/help

NOTICE: We will be retiring the server that runs Sympa at the end of June, 2017. Please consider moving all mailing lists to other services, such as https://www.lists.utah.edu/.


How do I forward my email?

To arrange to have any e-mail that you receive on your CADE Lab account forwarded to a different address, do the following from any CADE Lab computer:
1.  Choose the address to which you would like your e-mail forwarded. Let’s suppose it is fred@hotmail.com
2.  Issue the following command from a Unix shell window:
echo “fred@hotmail.com” >  ~/.forward

(This command creates a file named .forward that contains your forwarding address.)

Alternatively, you can forward your CoE mail to your Umail using Usertools.   Login and click the ‘User Modify’ button, then select ‘Forward CoE mail to Umail’. The change is immediate.


Why doesn’t my .forward file work?

The mail server that we currently use is somewhat paranoid about security. If the permissions on any part of the directory in which your ~/.forward exists is group (or world!) writable, it ignores it.

You can check this with the commands:

test1@lab1-31 ~> pwd
test1@lab1-31 ~> ls -ld .
drwxrwxr-x 37 test1 guest 24576 Jan 12 15:39 ./
^ this is the problem.

Change to non-group writable with the command:

test1@lab1-31 ~> chmod g-w .
test1@lab1-31 ~> ls -ld .
drwxr-xr-x 37 test1 guest 24576 Jan 12 15:39 ./

and send yourself some mail to test it.


How do I access CADE’s webmail?

The CADE webmail system can be reached at https://webmail.eng.utah.edu

If you forget or don’t have that bookmarked, it’s under Quick Links at www.cade.utah.edu.


What is my CADE/PCE e-mail address?

This answer could be made somewhat complicated, but the easy answer is:

For instance if your username at the CADE is:  bclinton

and your department is Mechanical Engineering, you email address could also be:

This is separate from your UMail account (UNID@utah.edu, or whatever alias you set via UNID-Tools).  Some departments are set to use UMail for their @dept.utah.edu address.  Inquire within.


What if I received an e-mail to send you my username and password?

That is likely an e-mail Phishing Scam

We regularly receive alerts from users about emails that are requesting their webmail username and password. Luckily, most people realize these are scams and ignore them.  However, we would just like the reinforce the importance of not clicking on anything you believe to be dubious.

CADE will NEVER ask you for your password information.

If you receive one of these e-mails, please mark it ask SPAM/Junk or ignore it and delete it.  If you clicked a link in one or provided any login information in response, please let us know so we can help you change your passwords and protect your account.


How can I create a mailing list to send to a group of people?

Rather than creating and maintaining a list of e-mail addresses for a group you mail frequently, use a mailing list service to create the list and allow users to maintain which e-mail address messages are sent to.

We used to offer a Sympa Listserve for just this purpose, but we now must point you to the UIT Sympa or Exchange mailing lists: https://uofu.service-now.com/cf/kb_view.do?sysparm_article=KB0000547 and https://www.lists.utah.edu/

Sympa or Exchange? https://uofu.service-now.com/cf/kb_view.do?sysparm_article=KB0001129