FAQ – Backup


Back-up of home directories

‘Home directories’ are anything within the share /home. We provide hourly, nightly and weekly snapshots (located at ~/.snapshots or via Windows property tab) and older snapshots are mounted on the Linux lab machines at /backup.

We provide 3 years (36 months) of /home backup.


Backup for Departments and Research Groups

For all CoE Departments and Research Groups with a file share/shared drive space, we will be maintaining the following schedule for backups:

– Incremental snapshots kept for 23 hours, 6 nights and 1 week before recycling (located at FileShare:$PATH/.snapshots or via Windows property tab).
– Incremental nightly tape backups kept for 13 weeks before recycling.
– Full backups to tape run 4 times/year (each 13 weeks) and recycled each year.