How can I create a mailing list to send to a group of people?

Rather than creating and maintaining a list of e-mail addresses for a group you mail frequently, use a mailing list service to create the list and allow users to maintain which e-mail address messages are sent to.

We used to offer a Sympa Listserve for just this purpose, but we now must point you to the UIT Sympa or Exchange mailing lists: and

Sympa or Exchange?

We will continue to support existing lists via our Sympa server until they can be merged to UITs servers by June 30, 2017.
See You should log in with the e-mail address you’ll be using to manage the list as your username. Use the Help tab for instructions, but creating a list is easy on the ‘Create List’ tab. Log back in once created to manage how messages are sent, who can see the archives, etc.

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