How do I remove ANSYS lock files?

To protect against data loss, the ANSYS program employs a file-locking mechanism. File locking helps to prevent you or another user from inadvertently opening a new job with the same name and in the same working directory as a currently running job.

When you open a job (jobname) from a given working directory, ANSYS creates a corresponding lock file called jobname.lock in that directory.  The lock file exists for as long as your job is running.  If you or someone else attempts to open another job of the same name (and in the same directory) as your currently running job, ANSYS detects the existence of the lock file and does not open the new job.  In interactive mode, ANSYS displays a dialog indicating that the file is locked, offering the option to override the lock.  In batch mode, the program exits, leaving the lock file intact.

To find and remove Ansys lock files, run
find ~/ -name “*.lock” -exec rm {} \;

ANSYS creates and checks for lock files by default.  If you prefer to disable the file-lock feature, specify the ANSYS_LOCK=OFF environment variable in your config60.ans file.

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