How do I run Cadence Simulations in /var/tmp/ to save my disk quota?

If you are running out of space when simulating your project or intend to run something large, please put the simulation directory under /var/tmp/ /scratch/tmp.

To do so, in the Analog enviroment Window, you need to select Setup… :: Simulator/Directory/Host, then choose the spectreS simulator, and set the project directory as /scratch/tmp/USERNAME/  (where ‘USERNAME’ is your username- this is just for identifying your own simulation and not overpopulating or overwriting others files in /scratch/tmp). Remember to make copies of important input signal files and the spectreFinal in your home directory, because whatever in the ‘/scratch/tmp’ dir WILL be deleted each semester or if the file system dies. Keep in mind we don’t do backups on /scratch/tmp.

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