How do I set up L-Edit in CADE?

If you use the default tcsh shell you should be all set (run ‘usermodify’ to verify).  To use L-Edit with a shell other than tcsh you need to add some variables to your shell’s .rc file (for bash: ~/.bashrc or zsh: ~/.zshrc).  Using your favorite text editor (vim, gedit or even emacs), open up the file and add the following:

For bash and zsh:

export TANNER_PATH=”/usr/local/apps/tanner_tools/tanner”
export PATH=”$:/usr/local/apps/tanner_tools/tanner/bin”

Users of tcsh should not have to make any changes. However, if you do encounter problems, try adding the following to your ~/.tcshrc file:

setenv TANNER_PATH /usr/local/apps/tanner_tools/tanner

also add the following to your PATH:


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