How do I subscribe users to my mailing list (and other basic list functions)?

NOTICE: We will be retiring the server that runs Sympa at the end of June, 2017. Please consider moving all mailing lists to other services, such as

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The help system within Sympa is rather extensive and very helpful. From the sympa home page, click the Help tab at the top of the page. From there, you can enter the different sections- most helpful being the User Guide and the Administrator Guide.

Second on the list of the User Guide is “Subscribing to mailing lists”, which list the options. You can tell students to send you (a professor, TA, or other owner/moderator of the list) to add them, or they can send a ‘subscribe’ message to the list.

There is also a User FAQ page that will answer many basic questions, and a good place for students unfamiliar with the lists to start- direct them to: Sympa

Once your mailing list has been created (see, you can log in to the sympa site to administer the list. As a list owner, and often as a moderator, you can add/change/delete users.

Optionally, we can set up the list to auto-populate from the list of registered students in the class  with their University-registered e-mail account (ie, UMail, or what they’ve set in CIS as their default).
As always, if you can’t find your answer in the Help section, then let the Opers know.

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