What is my print quota in the labs?

The current printing quota for each user is 400 pages per semester in CADE, MGK Mac, CS Undergrad and Engman/Teach Labs.  Quotas are reset at the start of each semester (actually, 01/05, 05/11 and 08/19). There is no charge for printing, however, when your 400 pages have been used up we will NOT add extra pages. You do, however, have the ability to borrow up to 100 pages from the next semester via overdraft. If you choose to continue printing once your quota hits 0 pages remaining, you will start the next semester with 400 pages minus the overdraft amount.  There is no print quota roll-over (we’re not T-Mobile), so the max per semester is 400 pages.

You can check your quota in the following ways:

– In CADE (Linux), a notification is displayed after logging in graphically displaying your page count. Or you can run the command lpquota in the terminal window.

– In Engman (Windows) got to Start > All Programs > Check My print Quota

– In the MGK Mac Lab (macOS), open /Applications/PCClient.app

– From anywhere, open a web browser to https://winlic-b.eng.utah.edu:9192/user and login with your Windows lab credentials.

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