Happy New Year and welcome to Spring 2016

A new year and over break, we updated OS’s and applications on the student lab machines (CADE, Engman, MGK Mac, CS Teaching and CS Undergrad), compute servers and the remote access clients. Windows 10 is now available via the VMWare Horizon clients!!

While computer hardware didn’t change, the chairs in CADE and Engman did- which should please many of you, we’re sure. Hopefully no more backs falling off or wheels gone missing…

The expansion of the amazing Engineering Arts & Entertainment program continues with more machines added to CADE-West/EAE in the old Law Library, although temporary until the building gets revamped this summer, we’re told.

Various software packages we maintain licenses for have been updated for this semester and we’ve added a new U.Box setup that allows you to log in with your CIS cred’s to download available software. Still haven’t set up your FREE 1TB U.Box account? See the setup page and get ‘clouding’

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