L-Edit license server change

Due to instability problems, the license for L-Edit has been moved to a new license server as of 03.December, 2014. The license is no longer located on winlic-a.eng.utah.edu and is now being served from mia.eng.utah.edu.

If you are running L-Edit using CADE Lab’s license you will need to redirect your computer to use the new license server. This can be done as follows:

Run the Tanner EDA “Licensing Environment” utility from the Start Menu:
Start > Programs > Tanner EDA > Utilities > Licensing Environment

In the “Licensing Environment” utility window:
Select “All licenses are obtained from one network server”
Next to “Server 1” enter “mia.eng.utah.edu”
Click “OK”

If you have any difficulty getting L-Edit to use the new license server please contact opers@eng.utah.edu.

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