Student Lab updates for Fall 2014

As usual, OS and application updates occurred on all student lab machines (CADE, Engman, SD Mac, CS Teaching and CS Undergrad), compute servers and Terminal Servers. Increased memory for CADE and Mac lab machines as well as new, bigger monitors throughout the labs.

Various software packages we maintain licenses for were updated (Matlab, SolidWorks, AutoDesk, Silvaco, ArcGIS, etc., see the full list here: ).

Campus-wide software agreements were announced over the summer for most of the Adobe CreativeCloud applications, as well as free, 50Gb Box accounts for anyone with a uNID.

If you weren’t aware, our CoE User Tools is the quickest way to create an account, sync or change your password or add your UCard to our cardswipes for access to the labs.

Have a great semester!