What is sftp (as opposed to ‘ftp’)?

SFTP (Secure FTP) provides a secure way to tranfer files to and from /home directories in CADE.  SFTP is alot like regular FTP except that all of its traffic in encrypted.  To use SFTP, open a Terminal/X11/xterm on your machine, or simply get an SFTP client and connect to any of the lab workstations.  There are clients available for Windows like PuTTY SFTP, FileZillaSecureFXSSH for Windows or WinSCP.  If you need help in setting up a client, please read the tutorials:
Installing WinSCP (Windows only).
Using WinSCP(Windows only)

For Mac OS X users wishing a GUI client, try the built-in clientFUGU, FileZilla or Cyberduck.

To make the CADE Lab more secure, we request that everyone use SFTP instead of FTP.

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