CoE Domains available for UMail accounts

CADE intends to shut down our e-mail servers for POP and IMAP in August but want to give you all time to move your mail to another account and set up the appropriate aliases with uMail.

In preparation for phasing out the CoE e-mail servers, we have worked with UIT and the uMail team to make College domains available for all CoE faculty, staff and student e-mail addresses.
We can modify your uMail alias (typcically some form of your first, middle and last names and/or initials; Fac/Staff have more leeway than do students) and set your account with any of the following domains:


If you’re interested, send an e-mail to and give us the following information: Full name, uNID, desired alias, which CoE Domain extension you would like and if you’d like the new one set as the Primary alias/Reply-To, or leave it as currently set.

As part of this process, you may set or change your account via the uNID Tools page:

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