Can I print to the CADE/Engman/MGK Mac Lab printers from my laptop?

Yes, limitedly – Only Microsoft Office documents and PDF documents can be printed with this system. The upload page has the detail on which formats are acceptable. If you wish to print a document from another program, it must first be converted to PDF by using Adobe Acrobat, ps2pdf, Preview (Mac OS X, or use the ‘Save as PDF…’ from the Print dialog window from any application), CutePDF (Windows only), etc..
(Download CutePDF Writer for free at )

Open a web browser to
(The cert needs to be accepted, if not done so before.)

Login is your Windows lab username and password

1. Select “Web Print” link on the left side of the screen.
2. Select the printer to use and click “next”.
3. Select the number of copies of the document you plan to print and click “next”.
4. Upload the document by clicking “browse” and then “next”.
5. The final page will allow you to track the status of the print job.

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