How can we get a group for sharing files for our project?

We would be happy to create a group for you – unfortunately, we can’t allow users to create their own. Send an e-mail to with the following information:
– The group-owners UNID or CADE username
– The preferred name for the group (please keep it short, and we will likely concatenate for ease; you can use ‘groupsearch’ to see if it exists already).
– Optional: the UNID’s or CADE usernames of the other team members. The owner can modify the member list later at-will via command-line (groupmodify) or web-page (

Once we reply with the details, the group owner may use the command ‘groupmodify’ to edit the member list.
Somewhere in your home directory, create a directory and assign the group privileges using chgrp and chmod. See the man pages if you need more details.

NOTE: We also offer an SVN Repository service if multiple users could be modifying files at the same time.

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