How do I get a GUI or desktop environment remotely for the Linux machines?

By using NoMachine.

All CADE Lab Linux machines are running NX Server. This allows you to open a desktop connection similar to VNC without the need to start a separate VNC server session. To connect you will need to install the NoMachine client on your local machine. Clients are available for Windows, OS X/macOS, and Linux.

We have upgraded the NoMachine server software on the CADE Linux machines and because of backwards-incompatible changes between server versions, you’ll need to DELETE ALL OLD CONNECTIONS on your NoMachine client.
When creating a new connection…
1. select SSH on the protocol drop-down
2. Enter the hostname of the machine
3. Use the Password authentication method (default)
4. Don’t use a proxy (default)
If using the older version 5.x client, make sure to select “Use the System Login”.

The configuration for remotely connecting to CADE using NoMachine can be found here.

What remote machine or what’s the full name to connect to?  See this page.

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