How do I use the handin system for my class?

In the class folder (/home/ece2500, for example) create a directory named handin and set the correct permissions (if the folder already exists you can skip this part):

mkdir handin

chmod 770 handin

chmod g+s handin

chgrp groupname handin
(groupname is typcially the course number, same as the home directory)

Now you need to add a users.deny file to this directory to allow students to handin assignments:

cd handin

touch users.deny

chmod 644 users.deny

chgrp groupname users.deny

Now you need to create directories for each assignment. This is the same process as creating the handin directory:

mkdir hw1 (call this whatever you want)

chmod 770 hw1

chmod g+s hw1

chgrp groupname hw1

You will need to put another users.deny file in this folder to make it writable:

cd hw1

touch users.deny

chmod 644 users.deny

chgrp groupname users.deny

To lock the directory after the homework deadline simply remove the users.deny file from the homework folder:

cd handin/hw1

rm users.deny

Students can now hand in their assignments using the online form:

or using the command line on the Linux machines:

handin class# hw# /path/to/local-file

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