New Subversion Server

This semester we are upgrading and improving the Subversion service that runs on it. There are a few important notes about this move, since it involves a change in how the Subversion service runs:

1. Subversion repositories created on lenny prior to 2012-08-17 WILL BE BROKEN once the server upgrade takes place. In order to access these repos on the new server, you will need to run the “fixsvn” script on them. (fixsvn <path/to/repo> from any CADE machine)

2. New repositories created after 2012-08-17 with the “svnsetup” script should work both on the old lenny and the new, replacement server. See:

3. The old lenny could be accessed at but has been taken offline permanently, so at this point, it’s best to recreate it.

4. If you are using both svn:// and svn+ssh:// protocols to access your repo, please contact the opers ( and ask how to make sure your repo will still be accessible.

If your repo appears broken, remember to try fixsvn first, before anything else.

Any questions can be directed to or brought to the CADE Help Desk.

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