MATLAB Research License Server

As announced earlier this month, the University of Utah has obtained a campus wide site license for MATLAB, Simulink, and 48 additional toolboxes.
This new campus wide license is being administered by the Office of Software Licensing (

If you use Matlab for research, you need to purchase Matlab through OSL (see link below) or you may use our research license server for Matlab that supports UP TO 2016A. There is no cost to use our server as the license has been paid for already.

One may download Matlab at for use on our Matlab Research license.

It you need anything newer than Matlab 2016A or different toolboxes, you must buy from OSL, otherwise download for free from:

The College will continue to maintain MATLAB Academic Teaching/Classroom licenses for the student computing facilities (CADE, Engman, MGK Mac and CS Undergrad labs, as well as Mech’s LaLonde Computer Center[MEK 0670]).

Students are able to purchase a single license through OSL which they can use on their personal or university owned computer. With this license they are allowed to use MATLAB for both classroom and academic research on 2 machines. The cost for the student license is $20 and will cover MATLAB, Simulink, and the 48 additional toolboxes.

Faculty and staff can either purchase a single license from OSL for $90 which they use on either personal or university computers (2 max.) or they can purchase concurrent licenses which can be used on multiple computers within a lab/research team.

Purchase Matlab here:

More information can be found on the OSL website
And their FAQ page:

If you have specific questions on how the new license works, running concurrent licenses, etc. not found on the FAQ page, please contact the Office of Software Licensing (1.801.581.4000, or