NoMachine Disk Quota Exceeded

When connecting to the CADE machines with NoMachine, the most common error a user may receive is “Disk Quota Exceeded”. This message occurs when a user has used up the allotted space in their home directory (currently 8GB).

To fix this, you’ll need to grab an SSH session to a lab machine and delete some data that way.

Using Windows Powershell or a Mac Terminal, run “ssh”
Then run “du -xhad1 | sort -hr | head -n 20”
This will summarize your disk usage with depth=1. This will take a few minutes. Be patient!

For example:

  [user@lab1-1 ~]$ du -xhad1 ~ | sort -hr | head -n 10
  8.0G /home/user
  6.7G /home/user/Downloads
  507M /home/user/cs4200
  234M /home/user/eclipse-workspace
  95M /home/user/.mozilla
  81M /home/user/.eclipse
  64M /home/user/.nx
  41M /home/user/PycharmProjects
  22M /home/user/Videos
  19M /home/user/Pictures

Here we can see that we’re using 8.0GB of space total. That’s our entire quota. Of the 8.0G, 6.7G is from the Downloads directory.

Let’s see what’s using the space in our Downloads directory.

 [user@lab1-1 ~]$ du -xhad1 ~/Downloads | sort -hr | head -n 10
  4.2G /home/user/Downloads/
  2.4G /home/user/Downloads/DogVideo.mp4
  12M /home/user/Downloads/Never Gonna Give You Up.mp3

Ah! that dataset we downloaded last semester is still in our Downloads directory. Let’s delete it.

 [user@lab1-1 ~]$ rm /home/user/Downloads/

If you need to delete a directory (and all contents within), add the recursive and force options.

 [user@lab1-1 ~]$ rm -rf /home/user/cs4200

You may also need to purge your NoMachine cache, as it may have gotten corrupted if NoMachine ran out of space while running.

 [user@lab1-1 ~]$ rm -rf /home/user/.nx