Remote Desktop Access for All!

CADE is proud to launch VMware’s VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) solution for remote access to our Student Labs. We have 128 desktops available for use on-campus or off with no need to use a VPN.

The VMware pools are identical to the Engman Windows 10 Lab Build

There are three options to connect to the desktops:

1) HTML5 web browser access: Just follow this link and make sure to select the “USERS” Domain and login using your CoE Windows username and password.

2) VDI client access: Install a VMware Horizon Client from VMware. There are clients for Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and of course, Windows. Once the client is installed, input the connection server as: Login (make sure to select the “USERS” Domain) using your standard CoE Windows username and password.

Or use an app for Android or IOS:



Once logged-in through either option, double-click on a pool and a desktop will launch. If, by chance the pool you choose failed (too many users, maintenance, etc.), just choose another pool.

Feedback, program(s) install requests for VDI, complaints or general questions should be directed to

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