Which machines can I access remotely?

You can access any of the machines within the CADE Lab (Linux) with ssh and NoMachine, and the MGK Mac Lab (Apple macOS) with ssh. For ssh, from a terminal window, use ‘ssh -Y username@machine.eng.utah.edu’, where username is your CADE login. The naming convention for machine is:

CADE Lab HTML5 Desktop
lab1-X (where X is any number from 1-40)
lab2-Y (where Y is any number from 1-35)

MGK Mac Lab
lab8-Z (where Z is any number between 1-28)
Please note that remote access to the Apple’s is with ssh only (no Screen Sharing, VNC, NoMachine or other GUI connections).
Note that remote access to the Mac Lab is now restricted to University IP space. To access these machines from off campus, either connect to the Campus VPN, or use the CADE Linux machines as an SSH jump host, as in:

ssh -J lab1-1.eng.utah.edu lab8-1.eng.utah.edu

If you are using a Windows system to access these machines remotely, please use Window PowerShell, putty or see our FAQ’s on CADE Lab Remote Access.

Windows Machines:
You can not access the Engman Lab machines directly, but you may access our VMware VDI pools for a lab-machine setup.

Please see the Windows FAQ’s for more information on how to connect to the Windows system.

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